Project Aardvark

Blocked by China!

Monday, August 1, 2005 posted by Tyler Griffin Hicks-Wright

Some feedback from a beta tester:

"We have been looking for a way to connect to labs in China, the 'Great Firewall of China' has blocked all attempted. We just made our first connection [with Fog Creek Copilot] before losing it due to power failure in the lab..."

Later, when the tester tried to connect again, he discovered something interesting and sent us another message:

"Still trying to connect with China, are connecting, but every once in a while the connection is lost...It looks like the Chinese Gov't has already blocked downloading from the web page so I have had to send them the connection file."

Apparently, someone in the Chinese government noticed that the Fog Creek Copilot service made it a little too easy to get through the "Great Firewall of China". Reports are that it still works, but the website has been blocked.